Mai(10) and Bar(7) are two clever sisters from London. The girls learned about the Coronavirus and wanted to help. They drew rainbows to display in their windows and donated money to support the NHS and essential workers. But Mai and Bar wanted to do more to contribute. Like many others, they noticed a universal problem while using personal hand sanitiser bottles and decided to look for a solution. The problem - using current personal hand sanitiser designs like bottles, sprays and even keychains, contaminates the container and everything it comes to contact with. They put their minds to it and a family project developed into a practical and useful hands free product. They used the newly found free time, and the money from the cancelled family vacation, to go to work creating the HandsOff wristband. At first, they made drawings and prototypes out of household items and existing wristbands. The key: a hands free and wearable wrist design with a refillable reservoir that dispenses hand sanitiser with minimal contamination. The idea has blossomed into a viable product and Mai and Bar want to get this life saving product into the hands of essential workers and the general public to combat the spread of transferable diseases for years to come, especially the coronavirus.

Co-founders Mai and Bar in the background, stay safe, rainbows, thank you NHS drawings collage

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