HandsOff sanitiser wristband, front view

The Only Truly Wearable, Hands Free, Sanitiser Wristband

Experience the first truly hands free, wearable sanitiser solution. The simple wristband design, envisioned by two clever seven and ten year old sisters, sprays a fine mist of antibacterial, sanitising liquid, is refillable and keeps your hands off the sanitiser container and other personal items, therefore preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria. Protect yourself and others. Great for kids to adults.

Now launching in the colours of the National Health Service (NHS), in appreciation of all those who have been helping us through the pandemic and recognition of the vital community connections that continue to support us all

HandsOff Logo Sanitiser wristband Core Features

Hands Free

HandsOff is the first truly hands free, portable sanitiser solution. Use the back of your hand to dispense a fine mist of sanitising liquid.


An easy opening cap allows for fuss-free refill directly from any hand sanitiser container without needing additional agent tools. 12ml tank makes for over 100 applications (will last for 5 days on average).

Wearable sleek design

Stylish, lightweight and comfortable. Designed to fit both kids and adults.

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HandsOff is with you whenever you need, the convenience of a hand sanitiser on your wrist simplifies the sanitising procedure and encourages best hygiene practices.

Reduces Contamination

The Hands Free feature is key in preventing the spread of contamination from the hands to the sanitiser container and other personal items, as the hands are assumed to be contaminated.


HandsOff can be filled with any liquid such as moisturiser, sun screen or perfume.

How To Guide

How To Use HandsOff

  • HandsOff can be worn with the dispenser on either palm side or backside of the wrist.
  • Use the back of the opposite hand to press down on the dispenser and spray fine sanitising mist onto the palm or back of the hand.
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How to Refill HandsOff

  • Locate the easy opening cap at the back of the wristband
  • Pull out the easy opening cap
  • Fill with anti-bacterial, sanitising liquid. Use a sanitiser liquid of your choice and as recommended by the World Heath Organisation (WHO).
  • Close back the cap
method of refill
HandsOff sanitiser wristband, side view

Developed and realised with the help of people in lockdown all around the globe

The product idea was envisioned while the majority of countries were under lockdown. The creators teamed up with experts in the fields of product design, mechanical engineering, and usability engineering around the globe in order to bring this essential product to the market. The key: a hands free and wearable wrist design with a refillable reservoir that dispenses hand sanitiser with minimal contamination.

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Protect Yourself

Use HandsOff after opening doors, using the lift, pressing pedestrian traffic lights, holding on to rails, filling petrol, bike hire. Great for play ground visits, school Spray directly on hard surfaces such as shopping carts, counters and airplane folding trays even before touching them.